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Who's the GOP Candidate based on blinking??

Jan 10th, 2012

Rick Santorum Blinks Twice as Much as Other Republican Candidates . . . and Nearly Three Times as Much as the Average Person

A political site called Smart Politics did an analysis of nonverbal communication by the Republican candidates for president.

--They counted how many times each of the candidates blinked while answering questions in the most recent debate.

--The six candidates combined for 2,284 on-camera blinks. Rick Santorum accounted for more than one out of every three blinks. He averaged 61.4 blinks per minute.

--The rest of the field blinked less than half as often, averaging 27.8 blinks per minute. Normal humans average just over 20.

--Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman were the next-most-prolific blinkers at 33.9 per minute. Romney's blink rate varied widely, depending on how comfortable he was with the subject he was talking about.

--Rick Perry blinked the least, averaging 15.9 blinks per minute. Ron Paul blinked 17.1 times a minute.

--Rapid blinking tends to make a speaker look uncomfortable, and can be off-putting to viewers. Santorum's habit of looking down and to the right while speaking was also unsettling to viewers.

(Smart Politics)


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