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We've Alll Done It....

May 11th, 2011

The average person breaks the law 21 times in the average year, or about once every two weeks.

The most common way we break the law is by speeding . . . 79% of people say they've broken the speed limit.

Eating or drinking while driving is second. Riding a bike illegally on the sidewalk is third, driving without a seatbelt is fourth, and downloading pirated music or files is fifth.

Believe it or not, sex in a public place came in sixth.

Driving through a red light was seventh, parking in an illegal place was eighth, texting while driving was ninth, and drugs were tenth.

The people who ran the survey believe that 21 times per year is LOW, and that people, quote, "are becoming so used to breaking the law on a daily basis that they aren't even fazed by their actions."


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